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Meet Sylvie Del Duca, Interior Designer, Artist and Owner of Online Interior Designs


Sylvie Del Duca
Owner, Online Interior Designs

Cellular: 757.572.4065  |  Email: sylgaro@aol.com

Sylvie Del Duca has been doing residential and commercial interior design since 1987. She graduated from Dawson College in Montreal, Canada. When she was first out of design school she got a full time position designing hair salons. At the same time she was also involved in many free lance residential projects.

Interior design has always been a passion for Sylvie. Her second job was at The Royal Bank of Canada, designing corporate banking and office spaces.It was in 1990, that Sylvie decided to start her own design firm. She has been flying solo ever since.

In today’s advanced technological world, the idea came to her to start a web site where she can do online consultations through the internet, at a reasonable cost.

Sylvie Del Duca lived in Virginia Beach for 12 years where she worked in residential, hospitality and retail interior design. She is now living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she now operates her interior design business. Staging and remodeling homes has been a full time commitment in Pittsburgh.