The ONE change you can make to your home to make your guests jealous TODAY!

Have you ever walked into your friend's home and been in awe? Taken back by the gorgeous decor, exquisite style, and lovely flooring?

After an enjoyable evening spent with your friends, you go home and one thing is on your mind: THAT HOUSE!

You look around at your house and can't help but want more for your home.

That's where I come in.

This ONE simple change will make your home the desired spot for every dinner party, family gathering, and birthday party.

Oh, and did I mention this change can be made today and will cost you as little as ZERO DOLLARS?

It's time to bless you with this knowledge!

One of the most common problems with my clients' homes is the lack of unity or a theme in the house. In other words, each room in the house has a different feel or ambiance. The feel of the room is the result of the choice of paint color, flooring, furniture, etc.

Instead of boring you with words, allow me to SHOW you what I'm talking about.

This is a picture of a client's bedroom after making some much need changes. Wow!

Now, here is a picture of another client's new and improved living room!

While both of these rooms are beautiful, they simply do not belong in the same house. Every room should have unique elements, but they must be following a similar theme or feel.

Now, let's look at a good example, designed by yours truly. :)

This is the bedroom of one of my clients paired with...

This beautiful living room!

Can you see the difference? Walking through a house with a consistent feel can make all the difference!

So, how can you avoid this common mistake?

Although this is a very common problem, it has a simple solution.

Pick the feel you want your home to have. If the accent color in your house is blue, be sure to incorporate blue into every room in your house! The shade can vary, but people should always feel like they are in the same home.

This may sound silly, but I recommend taking a walk through your entire house. Go into each room and describe the feel based upon the factors I mentioned earlier. If the feel of your house is harmonious, you're in good shape! However, if you notice some rooms have a different feel than others, you have some work to do.

Why is this important? How will this help make your house the one that everyone in the neighborhood is always talking about?

While there could be other issues with your house (which I will address in future posts), this is the best first step you can take.

A house with one, singular theme will tie the entire house together. This is the key to having a more than presentable home.

Many of my clients have many nice rooms in their home, but their house still lacks that "WOW" factor. I describe this to my clients as "nice rooms in the same building" versus "a beautiful home".

The time to make this change is now. It's time to transform your home. THIS is where you start turning your house into a home!

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