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How you can start the New Year with a home redesign for free:

Redesigning your home doesn’t have to be expensive necessarily, there are a number of different ways that you can easily make modifications to your home without having to spend any money at all.  You must have a number of items that you could repurpose in storage or some projects that you have held off on doing, you would be surprised of the impact that you could make on your home without spending a dime. Here are some top strategies on how you can complete a home redesign project for free in the New Year.

Changing your wall art: updating your collages or just changing out some of your wall art can be a fantastic way that you can update your home for the New Year. Update your wall with some of your favorite shots or change out some of the artwork for photos that you have laying in the basement or other areas of your home. You never know what can happen by changing the artwork in a particular room or updating various photos might do for your décor.

Eliminate the clutter: There may be a vast array of clutter that has been clogging up your home in the past year. As part of your New Year’s resolution you may want to lead a more organized lifestyle. As a result you could start by eliminating the clutter room by room to change the look of your home.

Changing furniture layout: Changing the furniture layout in your room can help you to access extra floor space as well as change the perspective of your home. Changing up the formation of your room can help you redesign room by room and without spending anything.

Repurpose accessories: for minimal costs you can modify old vases, artwork and pillowcases to create new accent features for your home. Don’t be afraid to repurpose old items that you have or some of the accessory items that you have in each room. Repurpose and these items can help to change the look of your room for the New Year.

Keep these top tips in mind for creating a fresh new look for your home without having to spend a fortune! Or contact me for a little guidance 🙂


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