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Sensational Black and White Bathroom

I have decided to give some step-by-step design tips on how to create a beautiful colorless bathroom. The simple, yet exquisite combination of black and white can produce an amazing result. And the good thing is, black and white never go out of style! You can add a pop of color by changing your towels or other fun accessories.

Step 1. Go to your favorite ceramic tile store.

Step 2. Select your accent tile. The one you want to showcase in your bath/shower wall.

Step 3. Select your white wall tile. It could be plain or with a texture. Look for uneven sizes, like 8 x 12.

Step 4. Select your floor tile, a basket weave design is gorgeous. Another good option is a grey toned tile.

Step 5. Think and compose your accent tile design. It could be a square, a rectangle or just a couple of borders.

Step 6. Select your white vanity. It should reflect your tile style.

Step 7. Add a black marble, stone or laminate top.

Step 8. Select your white sink.

Step 9. Add a sparkle by choosing a polished chrome faucet.

Step 10. Install your white tile all around your bathroom walls up to 72″ high. That will be great for easy maintenance.

Step 11. Paint the balance of your walls black.

Step 12. Add a white painted crown molding.

Step 13. Paint your ceiling white.

Step 14. Find wall lights, or a chandelier in the same polished chrome finish.

For a clearer picture, take a look at the one I have created! IMG_2153



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