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Pretty powder rooms

Powder rooms also known as half bathrooms with a vanity and a toilet and usually no shower or tub. They are practical spaces for your homes and apartments where your guests are most likely to go and see. Just because they are small, we usually don’t think about them in terms of décor but we should. Here are some tips for beautifully decorated powder rooms.
Wallpapers with Contrasting colors can make a bold and dramatic statement. Since it’s a small space, it is a perfect room to go glam with decadent finishes like oversized patterned wallpaper. The latest wallpaper designs are a great way to breathe life into your small powder room.
A big impact is upgrading your powder room’s vanity. Trendy gold faucet adds an elegant touch to any vanity. Vessel bowls are not as trendy, but some of them can be timeless.
In a bathroom, lighting is essential and can significantly enhance the design. If you are selecting dramatic wall sconces, make sure you think of the other lighting source needed. For example, do you prefer recessed lights or a flush mount coordinate fixture?
Add a nice artwork above your commode like a vintage photo or a rustic sign.
Accessorize with a beautiful and attractive metal soap dispenser. Incorporate open shelves for extra storage.
Make a statement by adding unexpected hardware as it reinforces a globally inspired style.
Don’t shop for a basic mirror. Look for an interesting frame and a mirror of different shape. Get creative.
Select hand towels featuring a unique design detail or you can also use decorative disposable paper towels.
Accent walls add an air of sophistication to any interior. Texture is also incredibly attractive to most people because of its tactile feeling.
Mount crown molding or pre fab wood wall panels to your half bath and paint them in a single gloss or egg shell finish for a high end feel.
All white everything tricks you into thinking the space is larger than it is. Put this in use in your powder room with white walls and white vanity.
Use vintage furnitures: You can use the 18th century swedishmahogany commode morphs into a vanity.
Make use of the vertical wall space to create more storage. The minimalist floating shelving can provide enough room for your powder room stuff without taking any floor space and crowding the room.
Most importantly, this space should continue to reflect your home style.
Powder rooms are meant for guests. You can make it entertaining by adding framed snapshots, artwork and meaningful quotes.


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