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Why Not Color Your Interior Doors!

Go stylish: Use colors for your interior doors

You just stepped into a friend’s home, and you’re headed for the central door; there you just passed and jammed the door. But you couldn’t leave the spot and keep walking away immediately. Wham! Something caught your sight, and that is the color used on the interior of the door you just closed. Here’s it; color on interior doors is an idea and style that fits any home, ranging from traditional to contemporary and farm house, applying the right color brings a new spice to your space.

When it comes to painting interior doors, many color ideas work other than the standard black and white. Have you ever seen a hallway with its interior door painted with turquoise color? That’s one of the fantastic and eye-catchy color decoration you can see in any home. However, the color idea isn’t limited to turquoise. Lately, several other colors including yellow, red, and orange, navy among others find favor in interior doors.

Do you want to go up a notch with your interior design? Then get a contrasting color; while your wall color shouts, let the back of your door calm it! On the other hand, you may want to do it the seeming conventional way; let your door color match with your wall color and possibly other designs and furniture in your home. How about using different colors on the two sides of your door? That’s one of the amazing ways to create your interior door colors.

Many people tend to pay less attention to their interior doors but focus more on wall design and other things in the home. Apparently, interior doors remain one of the features that make decorative statement in any home. Doors are often noticed, and the designs on any door especially the one in the hallway speaks much about your design ideas and ability. Anyone visiting you gets to meet your door, and that means a lot.

Whether you stay in contemporary house design, traditional, transitional, farmhouse or style home, interior door colors are a great way to rejuvenate your home, add flare, engage your visitors and depict your design initiatives. Let your surroundings inspire you; apply colors that you would be happy to see anytime you wake or walk through your door.


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