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New Color Trends 2018

New color trends for 2018

Don’t you like it when you are up-to-date with trendy happenings? How about running along with colors for your homes and designs? Sounds great! Right? Apparently, 2017 saw the use of different colors in the interior design and décor niche, but it appears that 2018 will bring back those bright colors. Ever imagined painting your room all yellow? Close your eyes a bit and create a mental picture of how your room will look.

Get this; the color you paint your room or any other part of your home speaks a lot about your personality, taste, fashion-sense and even how updated you are. There’s no denying that the calming appeal of rooms painted with bright colors brings upliftment and excitement to mind while it pleases the eyes. Here are a few colors that are proving to be trendy this year. Check them out, and perhaps, make some changes to your home.

Turquoise as a statement color

2018 is here, and this vibrant shade appears to be on its way to every home. Trying out only turquoise on a partition in your bedroom or even filling up the wall spaces with turquoise isn’t a bad idea. You can’t miss out on this shade; try it out and feel the new experience.

Yellow – sunshine all day

Wouldn’t it be amazing to turn your home into a bright sunshine scene? It’s a new year and calls for further spice. Take up this brilliant golden shade and turn your wall into an eye-catchy scene.

Deep Red flaunts fieriness 

Apparently, deep red is a lively shade which everyone with an eye for good colors wouldn’t want to miss. Deep red stands out and can help harmonize your space once you apply it on your wall. This fiery color makes your space look catchy and entirely different from the usual color thingy you know.

Green as a power color

Green has no gender discrepancy. It pulls out feelings that anyone can relate to, setting the scene for different scenarios. This power color can enhance your mood, making you feel elevated. You can try it out today!


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