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Brass is Back!

Polished And Antique Brass Are Making A Come Back

If you have been following the trends in the interior design niche, you can easily attest to the idea that polished and antique brass is making a quick come back to the industry. Ranging from tabletops to kitchen faucets and frames in modern homes, antique brass is finding countless applications.

How about decorating your lightings with this polished brass? Sounds interesting, right? Over the years, stainless steel has found various applications in different homes. But the ever-evolving interior design industry doesn’t stick to a particular practice for decades because of the need to introduce eye-catchy designs and ideas that meet the growing need of the masses. The “antique brass” thingy is fast-spreading; from the US now to the UK, and will soon get to various parts of the world.

What’s the catch? Adding glamor to your home with the antique brass brings a cooler tone and a warm appearance. In fact, there’s something about brass that makes any home appear luxurious, and even pick a space from its dull look to a more charming place. However, you don’t need to overdo this, to avoid leaving your room looking like a brass depot.

Now, if you’ve been wondering where the antique brass comes to play in a typical home, then this is for you. While the antique brass is getting back to the industry swiftly, its presence is becoming rampant in the picture gallery, kitchen hardware, vase, floor lamp, lamp base, kitchen utensils, mirror frames, and countless other applications in the home.

Guess what? If you have those vintage chandeliers and other items made from brass, then you’re unintentionally coming back to style. Antique brass is the new deal when it comes to interior design, and you can’t afford to miss out on it.


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