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Mudrooms have always been a part of traditional homes for a long time now, but at present they have become increasingly popular, setting goals for homemakers as a new and emerging trend. Many people with smaller homes often combine their mudrooms with laundry rooms as well. So, here we are with some quick ideas to make your modern mudroom more interesting, fun, and functional –
Use Contrast For A Layered Effect – Although, the primary function of Mudrooms is to give you extra storage space, you can always add a little quirk to them by using mix painted cabinets and wood accents.
Bold Flooring – Pick a bold and interesting floor pattern using porcelain ceramic tiles, as it will not only add a special character to your mudroom, but also help hide any dirt providing quite a low maintenance flooring option for the longest time.
Adding More Functionality to the Washing Area – Add a big folding counter over your washer and dryer for convenience and better organization of dry clothes.
Dog Bath Area – If the space allows, you can also add a little dog bath area in your mudroom and save your entire home from this little mess.
Light it Up – Adding a chandelier for accent lights, and recessed lighting for your day to day tasks will make your mudroom more functional and stylish at the same time.
Incorporate Closed Storage For A Clutter Free Look – Add closed drawers at the end of your cubbies for a more tidy and attractive mudroom space.
Open Baskets – Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your mudroom by placing open baskets in rattan or fabric that will also function as a beautiful storage option.


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