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Have you ever thought how the entrance of your house creates a significant first impression of your overall home-style? If this idea did not cross your mind till now, then it is high time that you put a thought or two into it!
Most people neglect the idea of how an outsider perceives the style of their foyer, and how the wall color, furniture, lighting, rug choices, and other art accessories of their entryway set the tone for their entire home. Well, in that case, if you are setting up a new home, or just thinking about renovating, or refurnishing your old home to add some freshness to your old interiors, these simple tips will come to your rescue for sure –
#Tip 1 – A Little Drama Always Works
Nothing helps than a spectacular and exclusive chandelier to create a dramatic look for your entry way! You can always pick an oversized chandelier with some unique features to ensure an eye catching and amazing response from your visitors at home.
#Tip 2 –Pick an Area Rug that is in Sync with the Color Scheme of your Interiors
One of the most visible things in your home’s entryway is your area rug. But, owing to its primary function of containing outside dirt, you generally neglect the aesthetic potential that lies in it to make your foyer more appealing. Who says that an area rug needs to be plain and boring and not vibrant? So, make sure that you pick an area rug for your entryway that not only has a cool pattern, but also complements your wall color.
#Tip 3 –Furniture Size Matters Too
To be concise, a foyer’s overall appeal lies in the harmony you are able to create using a range of different elements. And, undoubtedly, one of the most important elements that can make or break this harmony is the size of your furniture in your foyer. Hence, it is really crucial that you pick the right size furniture that is neither too big and nor too small, but perfectly in sync with the room space of your foyer.
#Tip 4 –Accessorize, Balancing Style with Functionality
When it comes to accessorizing, you can do wonders to make your home foyer completely original and highly impactful. You can add a personal touch to your foyer by using self-made artworks for décor, be it on the wall or a console. Placing a pretty little tray or bowl to keep your keys would also be great, as this way you would be able to utilize that space.
#Tip 5 –Mirror it up
Placing tall floor mirrors in different shapes and stunning frames in the foyer is also a trend that has caught up the interior scene for quite some time. Make sure you pick frames that suit your other accessories in the entryway as well.
#Tip 6 –Create a Great Impact with Unique Wall Patterns
If you want to go an extra mile to make your foyer more appealing and attractive, then you can always choose to enhance your walls using beautiful and unique wall papers, or add some wall moldings.


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